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We create real high-quality games that provide fresh
entertainment and excitement to the global market

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We create real high-quality games that provide fresh entertainment and excitement to the global market

Our Game-Hero Odyssey

Hero Odyssey, developed and released exclusively by LION GAMES, obtains tremendous success and exerts a positive influence on the global players. But this great progress will satisfy no one in our team, our R&D team spares no pains to develop other types of mobile games, such as TCG, PZG and so on.

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IDLE System

Auto-battle when you are away, Gain tremendous rewards for returning Grow & Train a powerful squad without all the grinding!

Evolving Strategy

More than 200 heroes in 6 factions with different skills. Summon your warriors and evolve them with simple tapping. Forge magical gears for victory!

Tons of Engrossing Contents

With battlegrounds galore and dungeons aplenty, daily quests, mirage tower, world arena, guild!

Challenging Guild

Put forth your best heroes to do battle. Join multiplayer guild boss-battles and lead your guild to supremacy! Climb up the ranking board for the best rewords!

The Newest Updates

Our Team

Game Designers

We assemble a vocational team, specializing in story telling, scripting, game play designing, numerical setup and game tuning. The in-depth insight into various functional modules infuses the game with integrity and dynamic. The quality and the game life cycle thus is expanded.

Game Programmers

The influxing programming talents with strong R&D capabilities, has built several technical supporting platforms to ensure the stability and robustness of the game, further enhancing its resistance to the market fluctuations.

Game Advertisers

Backed by an elite team grouped by big data analysts, traffic and advertising optimizers, and a full coverage of oversea media resources, we are fully connected with the mobile internet, which enables us to optimize traffic channels and provide high-quality oversea release service.


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